Sunday, February 5, 2012

SORRY!!! Been a while. Quick update...

 Crazy Evora!!!
 Isn't she beautiful!!!
 Sweet Novella...
 Sleepy bubbler!
 The really cool early birthday cake Barbara got B.
 And that's my psycho stalker picture of Orel Hershiser, even though I was talking to him and...
HAD HIS WORLD SERIES RING ON MY FINGER!!!  Did I mention he was MVP of the series that year?  Nice man!  He and his wife live in Summerlin.  She works for Clark County School District.
 We went to Dick's Last Resort at Excaliber to see Rebecca and Ralph.  Rebecca was always Lindsey's sub at her daycare if she ever had appointments.  So she was like a second mom to Ivan.
 This is what a fresh donut looks like!!!  And why are they always so rich when they're fresh?
 Donut Boy 1...
 Donut boy 2...
 I LOVE his missing teeth!
 I call this slacker, get a job.
Ro passed out with my iPhone on his chest listening to the radio.

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