Monday, February 20, 2012

Grand Canyon Adventure


The Sky Walk is just a mere 1.5-2 hours away from our house, and we've been talking about going.  So today was the day, B ACTUALLY had the day off, how about that!?!?!  So the adventure began, and it was SO not what we thought.

You turn off 93 and go through a podunk town, then turn off to the Grand Canyon and...  End up on a gravel road for about 14 miles long, where we saw crazy wild cows, then onto a paved road?  Really?  Then we got to the "Terminal."  It's an airport and a bus station in the middle of nowhere, and this was where we paid for our excursion into the Grand Canyon.  YES!!!  Ro was the only one that was free.

We had to take tour buses to the Sky Walk, which reminded me way too much of band trips except alcohol free, but Ivan and Ro loved being free of buckles.  And it was a pretty penny.  Pay for the bus, pay for the walk on the Sky Walk...  Then the cool picture...  WOW!!!  And we could have spent more!!!  But it was very cool.

Hindsight being 20/20, we really didn't need the Sky Walk, but it was very cool.  The ledge where you could just stand and even jut fall into the canyon, OH MY GAWL!!!  I have never had my mommy mode go so overboard.

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