Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our LV Strip adventure!!!

So I decided both boys love adventure, lights, and being out and about...  So maybe it was time to introduce them to the Strip.  Ivan has been to Caesar's and LOVED IT!!!  And last week we visited the Luxor shortly, so I thought an adventure was needed.  Why not New York, New York?  It's a good part of the Strip, mommy can do a simple illegal u-turn and get us there.

Well there are sky bridges to the Excalibur AND MGM Grand...  So the adventure grew.  And when lunch time hit, we found Rainforest Cafe.  SO MUCH FUN!!!
 You walk in from the parking garage and BAM!!!  Arcade.  Come on, NY, NY I have kids!  Let me through the door.

 Ginormous bobble head the boys would NOT pose with.  Gave people some good laughs.

 PHEW!!!  A Starbucks...  Like I was concerned.

 New York THUGS!!!
 LOOK AT THE MEAT!!!  Yummy, next date night B?
 Walking over the bridge to Excalibur, we met a nice R&B singer who gave us a CD for a donation.  The boys LOVED listening to his headphones.  We grooved home to the CD, GOOD STUFF!!!
 Excalibur.  This Spongebob was way cooler today than when I was drunk Friday night there.  Wait what?  HAHAHAHAHA!!!  LOOK!!!  OREL HERSHISER!!!
 The is seriously the COOLEST looking casino here.  Ivan was like "where's the hotel?"  HAHAHAHA!!!

 Oh the crazy people you see in this city...  Oh, wait...  Those are my sons.

 Odd light at MGM.  That was a QUIET casino.  It was weird.  No piped in slot sounds, no nothing!!!  Should have been decorated like a hospital.

 The snake was moving!!!
 The boys steered clear from the gorilla.
 Ivan loved the rainbow.

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