Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ghost Town Photo Shoot

I decided to have my friend Jazmine do a photo shoot with my parents and boys in a REALLY cool ghost town outside Vegas.  And the pics were so great, I am planning a photo shoot with B's parents when they come to visit in a couple weeks.  I think it is important to have pics of the grandkids and grandparents.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hip Hop

So Ivan informed me, after watching Step Up, he wants to dance like Channing Tatum.  So I found a hip hop class at the rec center, and last night was his first class.  He may not be athletic (yet), but it's something active.  And he LOVES being the only boy.

My Crazy Boys

 I am Ronin, I am comfy!
 Night night...
I believe we already warned Ivan about this.  Little brother is not so little.

Alphabet Bear

At Ivan's school, they have Alphabet Bear.  He is a ear who goes home with a good student and gets to spend 2 days and nights learning about the letter of the week with that student and their family.  This weeks letter was "W," and can you say BORING!!!  But oh well.  Here are pics of AB and the boys.  Ro LOVED him and fed him crackers at the park.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Ro's rec center class today.

I saw him with his flower and HAD to take pictures as soon as he got out.

Sunday at the park.

Yesterday morning...

I came downstairs to find this after I woke up.

Battle wounds...

Bruises from Ivan learning how to ride his bike.

Ro loves donuts!!!