Monday, June 11, 2012

Remember when...

Found a CD of pictures Oly took before we moved from Portland, oh my...  Tears...



 Mommy got a hair cut!!!
 Mommy and daddy got to see Prometheus!!!
Sunshine and Shana...  Trouble?  No, just went for Vietnamese food.

Tons of park time!!!

Ro's new hat

My friend Selva made this hat for Ro and he ROCKED IT!!!

We are silly!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ivan's Graduation

 One last pic or so in front of the Junior Junction caboose.  I cannot believe Ivan's year here is done, it was so wonderful and such fun for him.  The boys and I have all gotten to meet great friends and grow with this experience.  Two years until Ro starts!!!

 Brother joined in support.
 Cap & gown...
 This is the largest graduating class Junior Junction has had.  The ones not in gowns will return next year.
 Ivan getting his diploma from Miss Jolynne.
 Ro's buddy Brayden...  Does this look like trouble?
Ivan and Miss Jolynne.