Monday, June 22, 2009

Mommy's Lil Helper

With my work schedule getting smaller and smaller, Ivan and I find ourselves making little pit stops on the way to daycare. Maybe to Starbucks, maybe to the store. This morning we had to go to the store because I wanted a bagel and cream cheese. So Ivan and I are walking through the store, and he knows there's a "num num" display in the store, so he's on the lookout. Well I tell him I need cream cheese, "cream cheese" he repeats, then proceeds to grab a bar of cheddar. Hey, it's cheese. But what's at the end of the cheese aisle? THE NUM NUM DISPLAY!!! He grabs 2 plain, then one peanut "for dada." Then he freaks out wanting to get mama her almond "num nums." Well, I didn't need any. So we go to check out, and the special is buy 3, get 3 free. So look what Ivan gets (please see picture). He also got a Pooh and Piglet sticker from the cashier, he was very happy and showed it off as soon as he got to daycare.

Safety First!!!

Friday Ivan and I went to Latus Harley Davidson to go Father's Day shopping for Brian. Ivan took the time to check out the dog toys, as always, spend some time at the work table they have in the kids section, and to go from dummy to dummy getting after them for not having helmets on. Mind you, these dummies do not have heads. There was a female dummy with jeans, chaps and a tiny t-shirt on- Ivan points to her and says "no helmet," with a shake of his head like he wasn't in agreement. I assured him she wasn't going riding, therefore did not need a helmet at this time. And that she also needed a jacket on. Then Ivan insisted he have a helmet on, so I obliged.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ivan Dresses Himself

Ivan came out of his room dressed like this. When I asked B who chose the outfit, his reply was "do you think I would let him leavethe house in an outfit like this?" HA HA!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009