Saturday, February 11, 2012

Roscoe Outing

We have been talking about going to Kingman, AZ for a quick day trip so B could ride and we could go to the cool Mother Road Harley dealership.  I just love the name...  So today was the day.  B jumped on the bike, and I got the truck with the boys!!!  It was quite windy for B, but I think it was well worth it!
 Following the boss man...
 Adventurer #1
 Adventurer #2 who does NOT want to get his picture taken.
 HAPPY MOMMY because...
 Daddy got me this.
 Check out the temp!!!
 B's Cracker Barrel lunch...
 My CB lunch...
 Aw yeah!!!
 That's right!!!
 Reminds me of childhood, though inflation has hit...  They are now 8 for a dollar instead of 10.
 PEW!!!  PEW!!!
 PEW!!!  PEW!!!
 I just loved this tree...  Don't know why, just LOVED it!!!
 Mother Road HD.
 So pretty!

 That's B on the Hoover Dam!!!

B's cool blue lights.

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