Saturday, January 7, 2012

Let's play catch up, shall we...

 I painted the backs of the front doors black to match my railing I did, and there was some stubborn painters tape stuck to the middle metal lock thing, so I took a butter knife to try to remove it.  Well, monkey see, monkey do...  He then "helped" with removing undoubtedly imaginary tape from the dishwasher and causing this butter knife to disappear in a vortex between the sink cabinet and the dishwasher.  I have no clue how to get it out.
 This is a pic of the boys before bedtime last night downstairs...
 This is a pic of the boys when they woke up this morning upstairs...
 Ro had at least 9 donut holes, the donut lady loves that he just shows up, sits, and eats without saying a peep.
Ro and I ran errands while B and Ivan ran errands, and can you believe we ended up at the same grocery store?  HAHAHAHA!!!  When I saw B on the far end of the store I texted him this picture.  He informed me he was also at the store, about 5 minutes after Ivan had already found me.

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