Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ivan's 1st Dentist Appt...


I was STRESSING because his dental health is COMPLETELY on my shoulders.  So I felt like if anything was wrong, it was my fault.  But he did SO WELL!!!  Got his x-rays done, cleaning, exam.  ALL ON HIS OWN!!! And Pediatric Dentists...  Really...  Where were they 30 years ago?  The office was FUN!!!

I was concerned because it seems like he lost his first tooth a little young, but he was also around 4 1/2 months old when he got his first teeth.  The dentist says usually the earlier you get teeth, the earlier you lose them, and seeing as how close the adult teeth are, this is a natural thing.  Some kids just do stuff early.  And he is already getting his adult molars which usually happens at 6.  TOTALLY NORMAL!!!  His teeth look GREAT!  I asked how the spacing was because of what all B had to go through with his teeth and braces, and he says Ivan is probably meeting B and I in the middle where he will need braces, but just as a quick fix.  I never needed braces, and B had them twice.  So we shall see.  But I am SO PROUD of Ivan.  I know I'm about a year late with the appointment, but mama has done a good job with at least her oldest.  I'll be VERY nervous when it comes to Ro, let me tell you.

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  1. Yay Ivan! Sounds like he is quite the little trooper and did a very grown up job at the dentist. Nice job!