Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hidden Falls Park

We have been waiting, and waiting, and WAITING for over a year for Hidden Falls Park to open behind our Vons.  It opened Saturday, so we went and checked it out today.

It is built along Black Mountain and is REALLY cool, I could watch both boys i their respective parts of the park.
 Checking his balance.
 Wait, maybe this is a balance check park...
 Fun spinny thing.

 Ro found his favorite yet again, this slide.
 Went for the skinny mocha today.

 Check out this slide, NO SIDES!!!  I guess you're supposed to hold on to the sides with your legs on either side.  It looked scary to me, but Ivan loved it!!!

 Someone wants to be a big boy.

 Look at my daddy long legs!!!
 This made mommy less stressed.

 The view.

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