Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Playing Catch Up

SORRY!!!  Let's say all the gals at the post office know me, BUT THAT IS GOOD!!!  It means I am selling crafts, YAY!!!  And I have 3 paintings going up to my friend Kimmie for an art show, YAY!!!  But that means the blog has gone WHA?  So here are some catch up pics.
 Sleepy baby whisperer...
 And now with the oldest...
 And then both...
 We attempted the St Pattys Day celebration on Water Street, but were very ill prepared, and Ro was PISSED as B and Ivan road the ferris wheel.



 Diva much?
 Ro got a hold of my camera phone.

 Coolest McDonalds ever!!!

 Sleep shot...
 And today...
And right now.

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