Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ivan Has A Girlfriend

Ivan is really adapting to his new daycare really well. There are girls there, which there weren't any at his last daycare. And he gets more outdoor time, which he loves!!! On my way to pick him up today I got a text from Launa, the daycare lady who is my friend, telling me Ivan has a girlfriend, and that it's Alexa. Alexa is Kristy, the other daycare ladies, 6 year old daughter. Well I get to daycare, and Ivan is cuddled up to Alexa on the loveseat watching Scooby Doo, and then he rested his head on her shoulder. And... He didn't want to go home with me. He wanted to stay at Launa's. He can't say Alexa yet, but he calls her "my friend." He follows her and says "hi, friend." It is really sweet.

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