Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fun Videos

Ivan and I will have half of September on our own, with B being gone for 15 days, so we've been trying to have fun and not get on each others nerves. But today was one in a million. Not wanting to take a nap, wanting to wake up way too early, etc. But it's still fun. Some of the things that come out of his mouth crack me up. We were listening to a country station called The Wolf, and there was a wolf howl. Well Ivan came back with "coyote," which he learned from Gampa Jim (Fishy Gampa). So I made a little video for Jim. The other Ivan is showing his new Halloween lights, which he thought were so cool after I put a blinky bulb in it. Well, at first he thought they were broken, but then he thought they were cool.

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