Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's a Roscoe Vegas Xmas!!!

 Ivan has announced this the best Christmas ever!  Ro decided 11 PM was a good bed time after a very botched bedtime attempt, and Ian woke at hir normal 7 on the dot.
 Dew family stockings!!!
 Look what Ivan made at school!  I love it.
 "I told you Santa was going to get this."
 My, Han...  What big feet you have!
 Airplane Gramma knows Ro loves Mickey!!!
 Wait, while all this is going on, Ro is STILL asleep!!!
 YAY!!!  Gramma got mama Pyrex!!!
 Nice, B...  Way to smile, babe.
 Now make me some bacon, man!!!  (And he did.)
 Chewie is flying!!!
 I love that shirt...  Not really the wingman reference, but I love Snoopy.
 Father and eldest son...
 Still waiting on...
 The youngest son...
 So they keep trekking along taking toys out of packaging.  B hopes the inventer of the annoying fiber ties is a millionaire!
 And brand new lion from Airplane Gramma still does...
 Wake him...
 So daddy just goes and takes him out of bed.
 Good morning and Merry Xmas!
 Now we got this!!!
 And for a moose who tears Christmas cards in half, he tears small pieces of wrapping paper off at a time...
 Then laughs at every small piece before tossing them on the floor.
 There are my boys.
 Love them!
 This is my Merry Xmas face, mom...  How many pictures are you taking?
 YAY!!!  Cookie Monster keyboard!!!
 Safety first!  Carry the knife point down.
 Poor Bumble!!!
 Oh, a tent!!!
 Now get out!!!
 I just love this picture.
 Ivan gets some tent time.
 Dew you approve of the photo?
 Xmas breakfast, thanks DADDY!!!
 Seriously, safety first in the Roscoe house.
 And look who stopped by on Xmas, Jason Voorhies!!!  Ch-ch-ch-ch-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!
Mommy cleaned the area before bringing all the stuff out.

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