Friday, October 14, 2011

Ro and the "Midget Bed."

B has a term he uses when we end up in a bed too small for his taste (mind you, my queen bed was small for him).  He calls it a midget bed.  I think that may be what Ro thinks of his toddler bed.  It was fine as a crib, now it's tiny for a daybed.

Last night it took B cuddling with him in our bed until 10 for him to fall asleep before moving him to his room.  When I checked on him at 3 AM, he was asleep on the floor next to the bed.  This morning he woke up at 6.

We ran some errands while Ivan was at school and he promptly fell asleep, so I brought him home to power nap before we had to get Ivan from school.  He slept all the way to the preschool then woke up for the day.

So at 7:30 I coerced him upstairs for a story and sleepy time.  He went freely, but would only sit on my lap and not lay in bed while I read some Dr Seuss to him.  When I was done, I put him in bed, told him to stay and cuddle with his bear, and left.  When I checked on him around 8:30, he was passed out face down in his glider hugging his sippy.  OH GOODNESS!!!

Now...  Yes mom and dad, I know you're chuckling right now.  I swear Ro is a mini B, but this sounds a little too much like me.  I slept anywhere BUT my bed for a good amount of my youth.  I still love the sofa.

But here are some pics from Ro's nap today.

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