Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ivan's Adventure on the Strip

A buddy of mine (Brent Grabinski) is in Vegas for a bachelor party, LIKE someone in THAT position would find time to see me.  WELL HE DID!!!  And when I was leaving today, Ivan was like "can I go?"  Well why not!  When he found out we were in Vegas, HE FLIPPED with excitement.  When he found out what Caesars looked like from the outside, ABSOLUTELY FLOORED!!!  And then he saw the fountains...  Forget about it! The kid was SO EXCITED!!!

So we went and kidnapped Brent from breakfast and walked around Caesars.  He was nice enough to buy Ivan a soda, and I bought Ivan some gelato (it's really ice cream, mom).

This picture Ivan told me to take for B...  Yeah!!!

Here's Brent, he's a fire fighter for Pierce County, GO FIGURE!!!  I chose good friends, huh?
And then it was pouring on the Strip, CRAZY!!!  B said we had no rain in Henderson.  Roads were flooded, and sometimes I could not see anything.  But Ivan and I had fun!!!  THANK YOU, BRENT!!!

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