Monday, June 22, 2009

Mommy's Lil Helper

With my work schedule getting smaller and smaller, Ivan and I find ourselves making little pit stops on the way to daycare. Maybe to Starbucks, maybe to the store. This morning we had to go to the store because I wanted a bagel and cream cheese. So Ivan and I are walking through the store, and he knows there's a "num num" display in the store, so he's on the lookout. Well I tell him I need cream cheese, "cream cheese" he repeats, then proceeds to grab a bar of cheddar. Hey, it's cheese. But what's at the end of the cheese aisle? THE NUM NUM DISPLAY!!! He grabs 2 plain, then one peanut "for dada." Then he freaks out wanting to get mama her almond "num nums." Well, I didn't need any. So we go to check out, and the special is buy 3, get 3 free. So look what Ivan gets (please see picture). He also got a Pooh and Piglet sticker from the cashier, he was very happy and showed it off as soon as he got to daycare.

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