Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The World According to Ivan

This morning on our way to daycare, Ivan informed me "kitty goes meow."

Okay, I can play this game. So I ask him what noises other animals and things make, and he had the following to say-

Doggy- Woof
Pig- Oink
Elephant- (really an elephany noise, I can't even type that out)
Lion- Rowr
Tiger- Rowr
Monkey- Hoo Hoo Ha Ha
Fish- Owie

Turkey- Iron Man
Bear- Rowr
Bus- Ha Ha Ha
Motorcyle- Vroooom
Race Car- Vroooom
Police Car- Vrooom
Hawk- (really a hawk sound, I seriously cannot type that)

All these answers make perfect sense. The Fishies at Cabella's were owie, so that is his fish noise. his turkey from Build-a-Bear has an Iron Man t-shirt, and he loves pointing out busses, so I have started this "one, one bus, ha ha ha" like the Count from Sesame Street. So when Ivan sees a bus, he goes "bus, bus ha ha ha." It is quite amusing.

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