Friday, March 6, 2009

What was the scoop? Poop!

When I went to pick up Ivan yesterday, Andrew and Jackson's mom was there to pick them up also. Ivan came down the stairs and says "Andrew poo pood!" And Andrew poo pood indeed. I guess he went, then decided to take his diaper off. Lindsey has all kinds of 2 year olds wanting to potty train, lucky her.
So we get in the car and we're going home, and I smell something a little off, and I go "Ivan, did you fart?" "No, Andrew poo pood!" was his reply.
Brian comes home from work, what's the news of the day Ivan reports- "Andrew poo pood."
Ivan and I are taking a shower (he is now a shower baby), and he points to his Storm Trooper toys butt and goes "poo poo, Andrew poo pood."
So the news story for the 2 years olds at Lindsey's Daycare yesterday was- Andrew poo pood. Just in case you were wondering.
Ivan can now say bus, also. So now he will no longer argue that a bus is a choo choo.

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