Monday, August 24, 2009

Fun Day Looking for Ronin

Ivan and I took the morning to look at ideas for Ronin's nursery. I really want Ronin to have his own identity when it comes to his nursery, considering he'll be growing into the furniture that is already in there instead of getting a "big boy" room like Ivan did. So I really want something special.

I have decided on the Glenna Jean "Esquire" design, and I'm going for a preppy, modern hunting lodge motif. (Less hunting lodge, just with touches.) And of course there will be football and basketball mixed in.

We looked at colors today and found in Behr paint Wooden Swing and either Opal Silk or Hallowed Hush.

We also went to Babies R Us and just registered for a little bit of stuff. I won't have another baby shower, I don't feel that is right when Baby#2 is the same sex as the first, but I figured for my birthday and Xmas people would have more fun getting me baby stuff than boring ol' 33 year old stuff. :)

I took Ivan with me to see how he would fit in the double stroller I want, and he looked good. So many of them are for babies up to 40 pounds, and he's already 36. So this one fits up to 50. WOO HOO!!!

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